Help create a kinder Calgary Stampede

Help create a kinder Calgary Stampede.

Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals Media

Many Calgarians view the rodeo and chuckwagon races as inhumane and outdated. Polling shows that only 40% of Albertans agree with the use of animals in rodeo.

As Calgarians, we want to be proud of the Calgary Stampede, not polarized by it. We want change.

It’s time for the Stampede to cut the cruelty and celebrate without putting animals in harm’s way.

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A poll of Calgarians shows that removal of the rodeo and chuckwagon races from the Calgary Stampede program would have virtually no impact on attendance rates and would bring in new crowds. The Calgary Stampede is about so much more than the rodeo and chuckwagon races, yet these inhumane and controversial events continue to be held every year.

Take the #SayNoToRodeo pledge to reflect your opposition to the inhumane treatment of animals in rodeo events.  

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Read and watch to learn more about the animal welfare issues at Canada’s largest rodeo, the Calgary Stampede.  

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Sign the pledge to not attend inhumane rodeo events and chuckwagon races.

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Share what animal-friendly activities you would love to see in the Stampede’s future.